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At Ginger Scoggins, D.D.S. Family Dentistry, it’s our pleasure to give you the healthiest smile possible. Dr. Scoggins is a Loma Linda University graduate with over 16 years of dental experience. In our inviting, relaxing, and stress-free environment, we give each patient a VIP experience. Our helpful staff is always available to assist you, and we strive to make you feel at ease. In fact, we have heated massage dental chairs and TVs where you can relax and watch Netflix while we handle the important task of caring for your teeth! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you why our patients actually look forward to their dental appointments.

Because we offer both adult and pediatric dentistry, our dental practice makes it convenient for your entire family to come in for check-ups, cleanings, dental emergencies, procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and so much more. You can be confident that you’re in the most capable hands with the most up-to-date dental equipment, the most advanced and innovative technology and procedures, and the most professional, skilled dentist in town. If you’re looking for a family dentist to care for your nearest and dearest or you’re simply searching for the friendliest dentist in Oak Hills, give us a call today!

Dental Services


A dental bridge comprises three crowns in a row attached to the neighboring teeth. Bridges replace missing teeth, which isn’t just a cosmetic solution – it’s also important for your dental health, alignment, and for the support of your lips and cheeks. Your bridge is made from only top-quality materials, and maintaining it is easy—just brush normally and floss frequently.


Veneers are thin shells made of ceramic, and they’re directly adhered to the natural teeth. Veneers are a simple, lovely, and dramatic way to greatly enhance your smile. You should visit a skilled office that uses the best materials and cutting-edge technology to give you the smile of your dreams when you’re looking for the best dental practice in Oak Hills to make your veneers – which is exactly what you’ll get at Dr. Scoggins’ office!

Space Maintainers for Children

Due to dental extractions, decay, or trauma, many kids lose their teeth earlier than usual. When the permanent teeth eventually erupt, the space left by the missing tooth could become problematic. If your child fits this description, Dr. Scoggins might suggest using a space maintainer to retain the much-needed gap. To stop the teeth from shifting into a poor position and causing other oral health issues, our dental office will assist you in making a decision between a permanent or removable appliance.

Fluoride Treatments

The number of people who don’t get enough fluoride may surprise you. If you don’t get enough fluoride, your teeth are more prone to cavity development. While fluoride is in tap water, most rural water sources and bottled waters do not contain it. Our dental office will effortlessly and quickly apply a fluoridated gel or varnish to the teeth if we determine that you or your child would benefit from a fluoride treatment. It’s a simple and efficient way to ensure that your teeth get the complete level of protection they require.


The best way to keep your bite functional and prevent your tooth from cracking is with a crown, whether you need an old crown replaced, you just had a root canal, or you have tooth damage. Due to the fact that it will be made specifically for you, we guarantee that your crown will look perfectly natural.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies are unpleasant, and we hope you never experience one. Unfortunately, we occasionally encounter unforeseen and unwanted problems in life. If you have a cracked tooth or extreme tooth or gum pain, we will be happy to schedule you for an emergency dental appointment. We understand how arduous and distressing dental pain can be, so we’ll quickly determine the source of the issue and get you feeling better as soon as we possibly can.


Dental sealants are a preventative solution that protects the biting surfaces of your teeth against decay and bacteria. The sealant will be brushed onto the tooth’s surface and is composed of a disease-resistant substance. This sealant will quickly and easily adhere to the deep grooves, establish a barrier, and protect the enamel from acid and plaque.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Your health is important, which means you can’t ignore your oral health. Your dental hygienist will begin by evaluating your dental health during your routine dental cleaning. We’ll clean your teeth thoroughly, remove any tartar and plaque, examine your gums, and go over your dental history. We will obtain an x-ray quickly, easily, and safely if one is required. Throughout your appointment, we will take excellent care of you and go above and beyond to make you feel at ease.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth become discolored as a result of staining, chemical damage, or aging, you might want to consider teeth whitening in Oak Hills. We offer in-office dental bleaching to remove tooth discoloration and boost your confidence in your smile. Thanks to the latest and greatest technology, our teeth whitening services in Oak Hills are safe, effective, and reasonably-priced.

Partials and Dentures

When you and Dr. Scoggins decide together that it’s time to think about dentures, you might feel a little nervous about what the future holds. There’s no cause for worry, because modern advancements have made our dentures low-maintenance, and they’re also designed to look like real teeth. The whole process of tooth extraction, partial or complete denture fabrication, fitting, upkeep, replacement, or adjustment will be explained to you by our friendly team.

Pediatric Dentistry

When the first tooth erupts or by their first birthday, your child should visit the dentist for the first time. It can be difficult to choose a pediatric dentist because you want your child to have a positive first experience that sets the tone for a lifetime of good dental health. Your child will receive excellent care at our office from your pediatric dentist in Oak Hills. Your child’s teeth and gums will be gently examined during the initial appointment. If Dr. Scoggins determines that additional care is necessary, we might also take X-rays, apply topical fluoride, and clean the teeth. Ultimately, we want your child’s first visit (and all subsequent visits) to the Oak Hills pediatric dentist to be an enjoyable and positive experience. To that end, we’ll make every effort to make you and your child feel at ease.

Composite Fillings

Cavities are the most common dental problem, which means you’re likely to experience at least one cavity at some point in your life. Everyone dislikes hearing they have a cavity, but you might be surprised by how relaxing and painless the filling process can be. The color of bonded composite fillings is matched to that of your teeth. They will not only strengthen your tooth, ease any discomfort the cavity may have caused, stop further decay, and guard against tooth loss, but they’re also totally undetectable.

Deep Cleanings

When you’ve been diagnosed with periodontitis, we’ll probably recommend a deep cleaning as an alternative to gum surgery – especially if you’re in the early stages of the disease. During a deep cleaning, scaling and root planing take place with the use of a local anesthetic, which minimizes discomfort without damaging your teeth, harming your gums, or removing any gum tissue. After treatment, the majority of our patients report little to no pain. Your schedule will always be accommodated by our Oak Hills dental office, so that these crucial deep cleaning appointments can be completed without interfering with your busy life.


When you grind or clench your teeth, the resulting motion and pressure can cause damage. Teeth grinding can also have an effect on the muscles and tissue. To treat bruxism (grinding), it will be suggested that you wear a nightguard. Bruxism signs include earaches, headaches, and a sore jaw. A nightguard is an easy way to stop tooth damage, ease any uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing, and reduce the effects of bruxism.

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