Excellent dentist! Everyone is so friendly, and Dr. Scoggins is so nice. They all make you feel so comfortable in any situation you might be experiencing with your teeth. The office is decorated very modernly, and everything is spotless.
Brenda Avatar
I love coming to this place because they are like family thanks to Melissa. Everyone is very professional and will accommodate any needs you have. They even care for my daughter when she comes with me. They are just awesome! Thank you Scoggins Team
Conwoman K Avatar
Conwoman K
Wonderful staff and service. I've been a patient for over 12 years. Never disappointed. Always accommodating to anything I need.
Lani Anne Avatar
Lani Anne
Lee Young Avatar
Lee Young
5 star ratingWanted to say had a great experience with this dentist office all the way around from calling them for a appointment get me in to be seen ASAP great great staff every last one and doctor's assistant was amazing and did a great job , can't wait to go back for the rest of the work I need done . Highly Recommend there office for any one in the high desert area
Richard M. Avatar
Richard M.
5 star ratingBEST Dentist Office of personnel i have EVER gone to.IF i were to EVER get a job i would want to work there!!Ginger Scoggins is good to her employees and they LOVE her for it!Her office is small and NEVER crowded like most places.SEEN quickly and i personally feel the gals there CARE about ALL their patients.Her office hours are PERFECT if you are like me, when you want the middle of the week split up, with a day off IN ADDITION TO the weekends...How great is that?!!Her office staff books the appointments perfectly so that they actually have the TIME to carry on a conversation or listen to you...WHO has Time to do that? No One TAKES the time to do this.The almighty dollar controls most businesses and HOW MANY they can pack in like sardines.I LOVE her approach and you can tell her work ethic came from FAMILY and the RIGHT schooling.EVERY doctor should be as kind and considerate of staff and patients as this one.I think it's actually 'safe' to say....I LOVE you guys and especially you Ginger Scoggins-You ARE the best and YOU are the kind of people that make AMERICA and the world GREAT!! : )
B S. Avatar
B S.
5 star ratingBest dentist around. I have been seen by Dr Scoggins for years when she had an office in Fontana, she sold the office , and we followed her up to Victorville, its a 45 minute drive so the wife and I get our appointment for the same day. Good dentists are hard to find, so when you get one you want to hold on to that dentist. That's what we did.
Bobby P. Avatar
Bobby P.
5 star ratingDr. scoggins has been a tremendous help and blessing to my life! I got in super last minute for a tooth infection and had major anxiety about visiting the dentist because it's been a while and I know I have some major issues but she made me feel so at ease and prescribed me an antibiotic to relieve the pain and infection til I get the tooth pulled. I've even visiting dentist all over the desert but no one has made me feel so at ease and comfortable along with taking care of the real issue my teeth.
Flora H. Avatar
Flora H.
5 star ratingFinally found a dentist that listened to me and didn't pressure me into getting unnecessary work done. All the employees are super nice. I highly recommend
Gracie C. Avatar
Gracie C.
5 star ratingLooking for a dentist can be such a drainer,downer and maddening experience. Dentists have always in my opinion had this negative stigma attached to them for a long time some for obvious reasons,others not so obvious. The high desert is no exception when looking for a dentist. If you need a root canal this place does not do the procedure but they do work with an endodontist that is an excellent caring and efficient dentist of which I too enjoy going too, although the staff can be rough around the edges at times, that's the least of worries since they are not performing the root canal. The lack of enthusiasm is made up for with the performance of the endodontist.Now, on to the review of Dr Scoggins DDS, upon entering the office you will 99% of the time always be greeted with a nice hello and eventually even by your first name which by the way puts you almost at ease or edge of walking into "THE DENTIST" office. The office clean, not very big but the flow of patients is always properly managed so you never will walk into the office with standing room only, which is what most dentist office have. Once signed in you are usually called into your appt within 10 minutes usually, if running behind Melissa or someone else will let you know that the moment they know anything, but this generally doesn't happen. At least in my 3 years of going there. There patient chairs all have videos to watch during your procedure to keep you preoccupied. Teeth cleaning , x-rays, crowns is a no pain process, Dr Scoggins is always very pleasant and down to earth, very caring, she will give you her cell # if need for emergency questions or meds for a toothache but always told to use it responsibly. When it comes to kids our son is a chicken when it comes to dentists , but not here - she has a way of treating kids with just the right voice inflection to calm any worries the tykes may have, my daughter always comes back with a positive experience. Trust me you'll enjoy coming here. Again, if you need a root canal come here anyways and they willake an appt with their trusted endodontist, they work great together.
Desert P. Avatar
Desert P.
5 star ratingI had to move, but may drive from Barstow to see Dr. Scoggins. An ethical Christian doctor, very rare in Southern California!
Nancy W. Avatar
Nancy W.
Everyone is like a family at Dr. Scoggins office, and even the patients are treated like family.
Matthew Marcellus Avatar
Matthew Marcellus
5 star ratingFinally! A dentist worth coming to!! Dr. Scoggins and her staff are friendly and very sweet! She has done such a great job on my teeth and she is so worth the wait since she sees her patients one by one! She's gentle and super friendly!
Juan P. Avatar
Juan P.
Been bringing ourselves and our kids here for 15 years, and now they all grown. Best dentist and staff anywhere!
Jeff Steinbock Avatar
Jeff Steinbock
The office staff is just as fantastic as Dr. Scoggins!!
Regina Villareal Avatar
Regina Villareal
5 star ratingI love this place and all the people work there! This place has the best quality of work and an amazing customer service! That's why I give 5 stars as they deserve it!
Virak P. Avatar
Virak P.
5 star ratingI have been a patient for about a year. Never liked dentist due to the fact when I was growing up dentist medicine always hurts. Dr Scoggins and her staff are friendly and professional.She has a light touch and such a perfectionists.With that in mind the patient always comesFirst!
Ben N' Jenn Z. Avatar
Ben N' Jenn Z.
5 star ratingEveryone is fantastic! They do absolutely whatever it takes to ensure a patient is receiving the assistance they need, that they are comfortable and feel welcome. Never have I been treated so well. They are all professionals, concerned about each patient's dental health. Read the other reviews, they are accurate. I believe you cannot go wrong with Ginger Scoggins Family Dentistry. After years with them, they still treat me as though I'm the only patient they have, even when I just drop in because an appliance got broken. While appointments are preferred, emergencies are quickly handled - this I've seen and experienced first hand. You may find someone, somewhere, as good as this practice; although you'll not find any better dentistry, anywhere! Give them a call, you will be glad you did.
Jim P. Avatar
Jim P.
5 star ratingMy family and I have been going here for the last 13 years. The girls and Dr. Scoggins have watched me grow up. They are always sweet and welcoming like a second family. They always try to work around your schedule as well. The hygenists and Dr. Scoggins are very gentle. Highly recommend Dr. Scoggins and her team!!!
Laura M. Avatar
Laura M.
5 star ratingWow! I have found the BEST dentist, in the HD or otherwise!! Dr Scroggins is very kind and personable. She takes the time to get to know her patients and explains the process. Most dentists I've encountered are primarily interested in billing my insurance the max. Dr Scroggins is focused on dental health. Both her and her Hygienist, Ryan, are gentle yet thorough. I was naturally anxious as most are during a dental checkup. Surprisingly, I found I actually relaxed and enjoyed the visit. I had no pain or discomfort, which I usually do because I have sensitive teeth.The office is very nicely appointed, with bright and modern amenities. Each dental room has a tv to hell you relax during the visit. Everyone is genuinely nice and caring. I am so very pleased with the entire experience. I can't wait till my next checkup!
Lil Feisty P. Avatar
Lil Feisty P.
5 star ratingDr. Scoggins and her entire staff are the best! I have been going to her for years. She is gentle, patient and kind. Her new office in Victorville is really nice, love the massaging chairs and my daughter loves watching Netflix while getting her cleaning. I have referred friends and family to her and they all love her too. Can't recommend her enough!
Annette M. Avatar
Annette M.
5 star ratingAmazing dentist everyone is so nice and my cleaning by Ryan was the best I have ever had. I highly recommend everyone to come here. They also do a amazing job with my children. They will play anything on netflix for you and just make you feel so comfortable!!!
Cari C. Avatar
Cari C.
5 star ratingI just had the BEST dental experience of my life! i almost feel like crying in joy. (seriously) The staff were beyond amazing and have wonderful personalities. They are warm, welcoming and professional. It is obvious that they all get along and like their jobs. Then, I get to the dental chair and meet the dentist. I am thinking....Is this for real? Am I really in THE perfect dental environment??? Yes! Yes I am! Dr. Scroggins goes beyond being professional and is a wonderful person. She was very thorough and put me at ease. ( I told her about my past bad experience) Would I recommend this office? Yes! If I could give a higher rating than 5 stars I would!
Melissa H. Avatar
Melissa H.
5 star ratingI've been going here for years. Every 6 months I go in for a teeth cleaning. Their new office is beautiful. Melissa will greet you at the front desk with a warm smile and a very friendly and welcoming manner. Ryan cleaned my teeth today (as she did once before). I've never had my teeth cleaned with such gentleness. She does a great job!! Dental offices are NOT usually at the top of the list of favorite places to go, but if you need dental work I would highly recommend you give Dr. Scoggins a try. If you need your teeth cleaned, you won't be sorry if it is done by Ryan.
Ed E. Avatar
Ed E.