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It is our privilege to keep you smiling at Ginger Scoggins, D.D.S. Family Dentistry. Dr. Scoggins is a Loma Linda University graduate with more than 16 years of dental experience. Each patient receives VIP treatment in our welcoming, stress-free, and comfortable environment. Our friendly staff is always prepared to help, and we strive to put you at ease. Our office even has TVs where you can relax in a heated massage dental chair and watch your favorite Netflix show as we care for your teeth. Reach out to us today and we’ll gladly demonstrate just how pleasant a dental appointment can be!

Because we provide both adult and pediatric dentistry, our dental practice makes it simple for the entire family to come in for cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, procedures, dental emergencies, check-ups, and so much more. You can be confident that you and your loved ones are in the best hands because we offer the most advanced and innovative procedures and technology, and we have the most qualified, professional dentist in town. If you’re looking for a family dentist to care for your nearest and dearest or you’re simply searching for the friendliest dentist in Victorville, give us a call today!

Dental Services

Partials and Dentures

You might feel apprehensive about what lies ahead when you and Dr. Scoggins decide it’s time to think about dentures. There’s no cause for worry, because modern advancements have made our dentures low-maintenance, and they’re also designed to look like real teeth. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step of tooth extraction, complete or partial denture fabrication, fitting, maintenance, replacement, or adjustment

Composite Fillings

You’re likely to get at least one cavity during your lifetime because they are the most prevalent dental issue. Although finding out you have a cavity is never pleasant, you might be pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy and relaxing the filling procedure can be. Bonded composite fillings blend in with your teeth’s natural shade. They will not only strengthen your tooth, ease any discomfort the cavity may have caused, stop further decay, and guard against tooth loss, but they’re also totally undetectable.


Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are adhered directly to the fronts of your natural teeth. Veneers are a quick, beautiful, and striking way to significantly improve your smile. You should visit a skilled office that uses the best materials and cutting-edge technology to give you the smile of your dreams when you’re looking for the best dental practice in Victorville to make your veneers – which is exactly what you’ll get at Dr. Scoggins’ office!

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child should go to the dentist for the first time when their first tooth erupts or by the time they turn one. Choosing a pediatric dentist can be challenging because you want your child to have a positive first experience that paves the way for lifelong dental health. Your child’s pediatric dentist in Victorville will provide top-notch care at our office. During the first appointment, your child’s gums and teeth will be gently examined. We may also apply topical fluoride, clean the teeth, and take X-rays if Dr. Scoggins determines that additional care is required. We want your child to have a pleasant and positive experience during their first visit (and all future visits) to the Victorville pediatric dentist, and we’ll do everything in our power to put you and your little one at ease.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Your overall health and oral health are inextricably linked. Your dental hygienist will begin with an assessment of your dental health at your routine dental cleaning. We’ll clean your teeth, remove all plaque and tartar, examine your gums, and go over your dental history. If an x-ray is required, we will obtain them quickly, safely, and effortlessly. Throughout your appointment, we’ll take excellent care of you and go out of our way to make you as relaxed as possible.

Deep Cleanings

If you have periodontitis, Dr. Scoggins will probably advise a deep cleaning instead of gum surgery – especially if the disease is still in its early stages. Scaling and root planing are performed during a deep cleaning while using a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort without causing any harm to your teeth, gums, or gum tissue. Most of our patients say they feel little to no pain following treatment. Your schedule will always be accommodated by our Victorville dental office, so that these crucial deep cleaning appointments can be completed without interfering with your busy life.

Emergency Dental Care

We understand that nobody wants to have a dental emergency. Sadly, life can sometimes present us with unforeseen and unwanted issues. If you have a cracked tooth or extreme tooth or gum pain, we will be happy to schedule you for an emergency dental appointment. Dental pain can be excruciating and upsetting, so we’ll quickly identify the cause of the problem and get you feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

Space Maintainers for Children

Many children lose their teeth earlier than usual due to dental trauma, decay, or extractions. The gap left by the lost tooth may actually cause problems when the permanent teeth finally erupt. Dr. Scoggins might advise using a space maintainer to “maintain” the gap if your child fits this description. Our dental office will help you choose between a removable or permanent appliance to prevent the teeth from shifting into an unfavorable position and causing other oral health problems.


As a preventative measure, dental sealants safeguard the biting surfaces of the teeth against decay and bacteria. Made of a disease-resistant compound, the sealant will be painted onto the surface of the tooth. This sealant will adhere to the deep grooves, act as a barrier, and shield the enamel from plaque and acid relatively effortlessly and quickly.

Teeth Whitening

You may want to think about teeth whitening in Victorville if your teeth become discolored due to staining, aging, or chemical damage. For the purpose of eradicating tooth discoloration and boosting your confidence in your smile, we provide in-office dental bleaching. Our teeth whitening services in Victorville are safe, inexpensive, and efficient thanks to the newest technology.

Fluoride Treatments

The number of people who don’t consume enough fluoride might astonish you. Teeth are more susceptible to developing cavities when fluoride is lacking. The majority of bottled waters and rural water supplies do not contain fluoride, despite its presence in tap water. Our dental office will easily and quickly apply a fluoridated varnish or gel to the teeth if we determine that you or your child would benefit from a fluoride treatment. It’s an effortless and effective way to ensure that your teeth get the necessary protection.


Whether we need to replace an old crown, you recently underwent a root canal, or your tooth is damaged, a crown is the best way to maintain your bite’s functionality and stop your tooth from cracking. We promise that your crown will appear completely natural because it will be made specifically for you.


The motion and pressure that results when you clench or grind your teeth can be harmful. Not only can your teeth be damaged by bruxism (teeth grinding), but your tissue and muscles may also be impacted. Dr. Scoggins will likely recommend that you wear a nightguard to treat your bruxism. Headaches, jaw soreness, and/or earaches are bruxism symptoms. Preventing tooth damage, reducing the effects of bruxism, and easing any uncomfortable symptoms are all made simple with a nightguard.


A dental bridge comprises three crowns in a row attached to the neighboring teeth. Bridges fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, which is not only a cosmetic improvement, but is also beneficial for your dental health, bite alignment, and support for your cheeks and lips. Only the highest-quality materials are used to make your bridge, and maintenance is simple—just brush normally and floss regularly.

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